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Football shirts made on Stoke City's doorstep

Whilst most brands have forsaken their UK manufacturing base one company has bucked the trend in style.

Roll the clock back twenty years and the UK was centre-stage in the manufacture of football replica shirts.

The emergence of cheaper products from the Far East – especially China and more recently Eastern European countries like Turkey and Rumania has all but killed off the UK manufacturing base.

But Supersport, tucked away in rural Staffordshire a stones throw from Premier League side Stoke City, have kept the home fires burning so to speak.

Supersport not only design and manufacture their own range of football, rugby, running and basketball wear – they also weave most of their own cloth to boot.

Clients can see the design process of their chosen garments from raw materials to finished article.

We asked Supersport’s Marketing Manager, Chris Shaw to explain more.

 “With the benefit of our dedicated and skilled workforce, who have over 600 years’ experience in the textile industry, we find ourselves in the enviable position of being able to offer excellent products and service to any club no matter their size or budget.’

‘With our products being UK made, all customers benefit from very favourable lead times”

Based in Leek, their factory was originally a silk mill, but they now provide sportswear for an expanding UK market and uniquely for the UK are in control of the whole process from start to finish.

In this age of cheap foreign imports it is refreshing to see a UK company holding its own and providing quality garments at affordable prices.

For more info visit www.­supersport.­co.­uk


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