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Former Tottenham and England star Gary Linekar says former Sun editor Kelvin Mackenzie is lying about Match of the Day claims


Gary Lineker has taken to Twitter to dispel the notion that he would quit the BBC if they lost the rights to Match of the Day.

The accusation was made by former Sun editor Kelvin Mackenzie, who in his column with the paper said that Lineker has 'let it be known' that he would leave the company if the show moved to another channel.

However, Lineker was quick to take to the social media site Twitter to rubbish the claims, tweeting 'I've never 'let it be known' I'd leave the BBC if we lost MOTD. Kelvin Mackenzie telling lies. Who'd have thought?'

Mackenzie was in charge of the paper and famously accused fans of being to blame for the 1989 Hillsborough disaster by publishing the headline, 'The Truth'.

The subsequent inquests into the disaster led to the newspaper eventually having to retract and publish a apology for it.

Hillsborough campaigners have got behind Lineker by retweeting and favourting his tweet, and some on social media have also criticised Mackenzie for stating that former Sky Sports broadcasters Richard Keys and Andy Day were now 'washing camels' in the Middle-East, in reference to their employment in Dubai.

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