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From Arsenal to Yeovil fans aim to win prediction competition

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7 Of The Best is a new, free-to-play football selection game with weekly and monthly cash prizes, as well as £500,000 jackpot and is attracting fans from Arsenal to Yeovil and beyond.

Each week, players select seven teams from the top five English and top three Scottish Leagues, scoring points, competing with friends and working together to win the prize pots.

Each player chooses a banker – the team you most strongly think will win – plus five more teams to win and one to draw.

Players earn points for each correct selection, with the banker and draw selection scoring an extra point each when correct. The banker selection also scores -1 point if they lose, and there are additional bonus points available for goal winning margins and when all your selections are correct.

You can play 7 Of The Best on your own, but the most exciting 7OTB experience is playing in a team. You can create a team of 10–15 friends and challenge other teams in the country, with the top 10 scores contributing to the team’s total score every week.

Each week, the team with the highest score in the country will win £1,500, and every month, the best individual score in the national league will win £4,000. If you get all seven of your selections correct, seven weeks in a row, the £500,000 jackpot will be all yours!



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