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Fulham follow clubs like Burnley, Birmingham and Hull with short term shirt deal


Championship side Fulham have partnered with credit management company Qualco for the rest of  2015/16 season.

The new deal will run for a ten-month period and see the two parties collaborate on various promotional campaigns.

A Fulham statement said the new deal is designed to help Qualco ‘to expand into new industry sectors, engage with a wider audience and enhance brand recognition.’

“This is an important milestone for the business and runs in tandem with our strategic goals over the next 12 months,” said Qualco managing director Christian Jacob.

“It’s important that Qualco is able to align itself with a market-leading brand with a strong identity, of which this deal does exactly that. Furthermore, Fulham FC offer a highly sought-after fanbase which we’re looking forward to engaging with over the coming season.”

It is part of a recent trend for former Premier League clubs in the Championship to cover their bases with short term deals. as well as Fulham a further 8 Championship clubs, including Burnley, Hull and Birmingham have short term shirt deals.

FTD's John Booth said:

'We have looked at the shirt sponsorship market in the top two flights amd whilst Premier League clubs can command longer term deals those relegated to the Championship are finding it tougher. There is also a huge differenec in the market value and a 1 or 2 year deal gives clubs options if they get promoted again.'

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