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Hartlepool United Chairman Resigns

Gary Coxall has resigned as chairman of Hartlepool United as he feels that if he was to continue in the role it would "would divide the club".

Hartlepool are currently 23rd in League Two and need to beat Doncaster on Saturday to have any chance of surviving.

The club sacked Dave Jones as manager on 24th April, two days after club president Jeff Stelling called for him to leave during a live television broadcast.

Chief executive Pam Duxbury will take over as chairman while also continuing in her current role.

"If my chairmanship is a factor in preventing that togetherness, then I will happily step aside," Coxall told the club website. "There has been some criticism of me over the previous few months, some justified and some completely untrue and so wide of the mark it's incredible.

He added "However, now is not the time to address those points, but I am confident that over the coming months it will be clear the club has always come first, even before my own family in some cases."


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