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Hull City reveal new club logo

The tiger's head was first introduced during the 1970's and has been an ever present on the clubs crest since 2001 remains.
Tigers reveal new club crest which has been chosen from fan feedback. 
The logo has a different shape from the previous and the addition of the club name 'Hull City' emblazoned above the tiger.
The new crest will be on the players kit from the beginning of the 2019/20 season.
 A long process involving a creative panel was utilised to collate the fans opinions and views, those who were involved are happy with the result.
“Following feedback from supporters, it was important to the club to ensure this update was supporter led,” said, Vicky Beercock, Head of Marketing and Commu­nica­tions for Hull City.

 “The numerous stages in the process ensured we heard the masses and were also able to have productive sessions with a smaller group who the supporter base had entrusted with representing their views.

 “The panellists have been incredibly engaged, passionate and colla­borative at every step of the way. We can’t thank them enough for the time they have committed to the process to ensure our next crest is a crest our supporters and players are proud to stand behind in the coming seasons, whilst also being a great next step in our journey as a club.”

Lifelong Hull City Supporter and Chairman of Hull 4 Heroes Paul Matson, said: “We all understood that the tiger was important and that the name ‘Hull City’ needed to be back on the crest along with ‘1904’. We’ve been able to include all of that.”


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