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Intelligent line marking from Rigby Taylor


Intelligent One – the world’s first GPS-controlled robotic line marking system that can automatically mark out a football pitch in just 30 minutes - is now available to UK sports clubs, schools, contractors and local authorities from Rigby Taylor, the company at the forefront of supplying innovative products for the successful management and maintenance of turf surfaces.

Already being used in Denmark by professional football clubs, Intelligent One has been undergoing constant trials in the UK since being announced to UK audiences at last year’s SALTEX show. Now, after further development, the innovative line marking system is available commercially.

Intelligent One connects to positioning satellites via a sophisticated Leica GPS system and is operated via a tablet by entering pitch dimensions with two fixed points. The pitch can then be marked - including centre circle, D and corner areas, as well as the penalty spot - without any further operator involvement.

Designed for use with Rigby Taylor’s award-winning Impact Integrated Paint Technology, Intelligent One is programmable between pitches on the same site and can mark multiple pitches from one battery charge.

Initially designed for marking grass football pitches, Rigby Taylor is now also investigating its use for other sports and playing surfaces. 

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