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League Two: Portsmouth continue sponsorship deal with Jobsite


League Two side Portsmouth have continued their ongoing sponsorship deal with local business Jobsite.

The company has been the official shirt sponsor of the club since 2009, and the new three year deal will mean that they are the longest serving sponsors in the Football League.

‘It’s a very important deal for us,’ said club chairman Iain McInnes.

‘To see a company like Jobsite be very supportive of this football club, as it has been, does make a big difference to us from a confidence point of view as far as commercial income is concerned.’

‘We’re debt free, we’re making a profit, and determined this time around.

‘Certainly deals like this help us because it’s one less thing for us to worry about as a football club.’

No figures were announced on the day but a statement released by the club said that the deal was of ‘significant financial value’.

Chief executive Mark Catlin said: ‘It’s not someone that is just here purely for commercial reasons, although that obviously comes into it, but they share our vision and our goal that we want to broaden the image of Portsmouth Football Club generally and give back to people in the local area.’

The company’s chief executive Nick Gold said: ‘The reason we’ve made this commitment is that we’ve spent a lot of time with Mark, Iain, and the team over the last few months and we’re convinced there’s now stability in the boardroom and the club will be a commercial success.

‘What happens on the field is up to the team here but when it comes to providing support to the club we’re 100 per cent committed.

‘We’re a local business and I think it is important to invest in the local community, and the vast majority of our staff are Portsmouth supporters as well so it’s very good news for all of them.’

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