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Liverpool apply for planning permission to build screens at Melwood training gorund


According to reports in the Liverpool Echo, Liverpool FC wants to install a 4.5metre high privacy screen at its Melwood training ground to prevent confidential team details leaking out before matches.

The club has applied to Liverpool city council to put up the screen around one of their training pitches next to Melwood Drive and Crown Road where players are put through their paces.

It follows a string of leaks on social media sites from people observing training in the run-up to games.

Fans have got the information from peering over the walls of the West Derby training complex and watching the manager work on the team's shape.

They are known to use bins, cars or ladders to peer over the Melwood walls. The pitch is also overlooked by a number of houses.

As well as the team leaking out, the Reds have also had issues this season with onlookers filming their set-piece routines from over the walls.

Rodgers believes that is wrecking any element of surprise with opponents fully aware of what Liverpool side they will be facing.

Training at Anfield the day before a match currently isn't an option because the playing surface is so poor. Rodgers has demanded it's relaid this summer.

Building higher walls around Melwood isn't an option for the club because of the proximity of the surrounding houses.

The application which has now been lodged with the council is for screen around the main training pitch.

It is described in the application as a curtain track on supporting posts, which means that it can be adjusted and will only be in place when closed practice sessions are taking place.

An 8m high ball-stopping net is also proposed, finished in green to match those already on the site.

Site notices will go up inviting comments on the application to be made in writing to the local authority. The target for dealing with this application is March 16.

Residents have until February 19 to give feedback regarding the application.

Embarrassingly, the original planning application by Manchester-based AFL Architects was ruled invalid by the council because it did not include a £195 application fee.

This will have to be paid in 21 days for the application to progress.




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