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Liversedge announce new Chairman


Liversedge have announced that Simon Turfrey is joining as chairman as they look to continue streng­thening the overall structure of the club.

A club statement said: "Simon brings a wealth of experience to the role and he will co-ordinate the various footballing activities as the club strives to become an Evo-Stik League club.

"In his role, Simon will report to the main committee which itself is restruc­turing to further their ambition.

"To this end, further anno­un­ce­ments will made over the coming weeks."

Bryan Oakes, who was previously chairman, commented: "I am delighted that, after months of negoti­ations, we welcome Simon on board as he has countless energy and his commitment to the game is there for all to see."

Turfrey added: "I am happy to be joining Liversedge FC and look forward to working with its committee, football people and volunteers whom have worked tirelessly to keep the club in the position it’s in."

Sedge have also announced the creation of U19 and U23 teams that they will use to form the backbone of the club in coming years.

Manager Jonathan Rimmington is under­stan­dably upbeat about the club's anno­un­cement, saying: "We have known of Simon [Turfrey]'s interest for some time and, when we all sat round the table, it was obvious that we would all work tirelessly to make the club a success on and off the field.

"We, for sometime, have been looking for the right people to join our fantastic club and after the meeting I think we have."


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