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Liversedge announce new investment

Liversedge have announced a new partnership with local company Corpad (Corporate Pensions Administration Ltd). Corpad’s Managing Director is Trevor Best, who is well known to the club as he managed them in the 1990s.

Trevor Best, Corpad Managing Director said: “My recollection of my time at Liversedge is filled with good memories, and of a dedicated committee and support. I have been following the difficulties faced by the club over recent times and the consequent knock on effect that has had on the manager. As the club prepare for a new era and have additional resources on the committee to help those who have shepherded the club through the last 40 years; I feel that my company, Corpad, can help financially and allow the club to look to the future."

He added "To that end, I have decided that we will sponsor the playing budget for the coming season and will look at the situation again at the end of the season. Hopefully this will allow ‘Rimmo’ to get a good squad together – good luck mate!!”

Bryan Oakes, Club Secretary said: “On behalf of Liversedge FC, the committee, coaching and playing staff, and its loyal supporters, I would like to publically thank Mr Trevor Best for his kind and generous deed and offer of help towards the club for this coming season.

"Trevor knows the pressures of keeping clubs buoyant at football league level and having seen the club’s concerns about falling committee member levels and the additional legislation putting financial strain on whatever resources the club could raise, he has kindly offered his company’s backing to give the club a sound financial footing, from which it hopefully can build for many years to come.”


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