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Local female footballer's fight against Lymphoma

Local Blackburn Community Women player, Hannah Hayes, needs your help against her fight against Lymphoma.  
This is her story
In February 2018 she went to get a lump checked out with her local GP. Within three days she was sent to Euxton Hall where she underwent her first mammogram and scans. Following on from that, she was sent to Chorley Hospital Breast Surgery Ward for a Biopsy to determine if the lump was cancerous or not.
Two weeks later she got the devastating news that the lump was Stage 2B Invasive Breast Cancer which meant that the tumour was discovered to be bigger than 5cm in growth but had not yet spread. At this point the prognosis was good.
In August 2019, she had a usual MDT meeting where my PET scans were discussed. She heard the incredible news that the breast cancer had GONE! No more cancerous tissues were showing on the pet scans.

However, this was soon followed by a crushing blow that she had Stage 3 Lymph Node Cancer (Diffuse B-CELL Lymphoma as a secondary) which is very aggressive but appeared to be responding to radi­ot­herapy.

It was agreed she would undergo another month of radiotherapy to try & attack the cancer. This was extremely tough, it made her sick, her energy levels were through the floor and she now struggled to do the things, that up to now had kept me going.

Once the radio was finished, it was another MDT meeting, where they said that recent PET scans showed new METS in her lungs, meaning the cancer had now spread to my lungs.

The consultant then gave the news “There is nothing more we can do here anymore apart from contain it”. This is when they told me that even with chemotherapy and preventative measures, she would only have 2 and half years left to live.
November 2019, Hannah have started a brand-new treatment called Escalated BEACOPP DAC, which is an intensive IV chemo whilst she awaits her referral to Christies to see if she can go on trials such as CAR-T Cell Therapy. She has opted against a cold cap as this was painful and so stressful last time, however, she has already started to lose my hair after just one session. She has also started to feel side effects of extreme sickness, tiredness and struggle to have conver­sations at times.

Because of all the above and the strain on my body, she has had to give up working, stop doing the things she love such as playing football and going to the gym.
You can read Hannah's full story and donate on the following link https://­www.­gofundme.­com/­f/­help-han-on-her-journey-to-beat-lymphoma?fbclid=­IwAR2YwY7­F26xCYcb_­zfqWzAD­xOr­RQa­J2i­eTm­9Um8s8­Zv2aqc­ZGy­IYTQCTfpA and on behalf of Hannah thank you for taking time to read this. 
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