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Major Events Inter­national Summit

Major Events Inter­national will be hosting their Major Events Summit on 12th & 13th July at the Technology Innovation Centre (Plexal) in the former Press and Broadcast Centre on the Olympic Park.

The highly interactive peer-to-peer event caters for companies active in major sporting events. The event brings together experts from current and future organizing committees & sports bodies, venues & key commercial suppliers involved in major sports events. 

The event has a highly interactive ‘non-conference’ format and is limited to 100 commercial company attendees, with priority given to MEI Members. This growing community of experts will be joined by key stakeh­olders who are interested in sharing their future requirements and learning lessons of past events & projects. Major themes include: Fan Engagement, Overlay, Technology, and Safety & Security.

 For an overview of what is to come and what happened last year please check out their video below or click here


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