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Manchester United consult fans about safe standing

Manchester United have asked fans if standing was made legal against, would they welcome it at Old Trafford. 

Initial talks were recently held by Premier League clubs to discuss the potential of reintroducing standing in the Premier League in the form of safe standing.

The top two divisions in English football have had to be all-seater stadiums since terraces were outlawed in the aftermath of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

However some clubs, including Everton, have said they are against it. In order for it to be introduced it would require government legislation to change and make standing legal.

Season ticket holders for Manchester United were contacted on Thursday with a 20-point survey which included a question about whether they would prefer safe standing at Old Trafford and to state the three areas they would prefer it to be located.

Jon Darch, who runs the Safe Standing Roadshow, which promotes the use of rail seats, said: "I am sure that the level of interest will be huge and look forward both to hearing the results."


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