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Manchester United sign Uber partnership

Manchester United have announced a new partnership with Uber, a taxi ordering service.

Manchester United will work with Uber to create a dedicated 'Uber zone' at their Old Trafford stadium in order to make it easier for fans to arrive at and leave the stadium on matchdays.

Uber will use the deal to engage with Manchester United fans all over the world, offering a number of experiences related to the club to customers and drivers in over 30 countries.

“Manchester United is always looking at ways in which we can improve our fans’ experience and our relationship with Uber will allow us to do this in new and exciting ways," said Richard Arnold, Manchester United group managing director.

“Supporters will tell you that the journey to and from a game, whether they are watching it at Old Trafford or another venue on the other side of the world, is an important part of the matchday experience, contributing to the build-up and anticipation of the day. Working with Uber we will look to enhance this experience for our 659 million followers, both home and abroad, by bringing them the spirit of Old Trafford and Manchester United through various experiences and interactive campaigns.”


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