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Middlesbrough take on Derby County in £200 million game

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When the fixture list was compiled at the start of the season the chances of the second and third teams meeting on the final day to decide who gets promoted were about as high as Leicester City winning the Prem. In other words astronomical but it has happened.

With all Championship games kicking-off at 12.30 by the time Premier League sides are playing at 3.00 pm we will know who will be joining Burnley in the top flight next season.

Ironically, last time Brighton had to win a game to reach the top flight it was back in 1979 and they won at another North Eastern club - Newcastle's St James Park.

Nothing but a win for Brighton is good enough whereas a draw will see Middlesbrough promoted. The later missed out on the final day last season and ended up losing the Wembley Play-off final to Norwich City.

Both sides have spent money in an effort to make the Premier league and its promised pay-back - estimated to be worth at least £200 million because of the new media rights deals that kick-in for 2016/17.

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