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Morecambe worries deepen as club apologise for a lack of communication with fans

According to BBC Sport, Morecambe's board of directors are "extremely concerned" by the absence of majority shareholder Diego Lemos, and his failure to "deliver on promised investment" at the League Two club.

Shrimps board members met on Thursday and confirmed Lemos had been out of the country since 17 November.

It was also revealed director and co-chairman Ali Abdulrahman Al Hashemi had resigned on 25 November.

The club apologised for a lack of communication with fans.

"There are legal issues that need to be resolved before the complete story can be told but once these issues are resolved the board would wish to provide further clarification," a statement said.

"The board members who met are united in their resolve to find solutions to the many problems facing Morecambe Football Club as a direct result of Mr Lemos' continuing absence and his failure to deliver promised funding.

"We are extremely conscious of our respon­sibi­lities to our loyal and valued staff, players and fans and we look forward to working with all stakeholders in order to achieve a positive resolution in the New Year."

The statement added communication with Brazilian businessman Lemos, who took over at the Globe Arena on 1 September, "continued to be difficult."

Director Nigel Adams quit his role on Wednesday, citing a lack of financial information from Lemos and chairman Peter McGuigan told the BBC he was "concerned" by the situation.

Manager Jim Bentley has also expressed his concern about the future for Morecambe, following the late payment of players in October through "unexpected cash flow problems".

Bentley's side are 19th in League Two, two points above the relegation places.


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