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National League South Side Whitehawk FC enter discussions to change club name

National League South side Whitehawk FC have entered discussions with the FA with the intentions to change the name of the club to "Brighton City FC" from the 2016/2017 season.
However, fans have launched a petition for the owners to re-consider changing the name of the club and claim there has been no consultation with the fans about the name change. 
The petition argues “Not only is the current name unique, but the team's amazing FA Cup run this year offered a great amount of exposure for Whitehawk. The club is not as obscure as it's being assumed and it's not difficult for people to find out the information they need online. Even if a person was to know the club was in Brighton, they'd still have to find out where the ground is, which would involve sifting through a load of Albion information. Not only is the Whitehawk name unique, but it has 70 years of history and links to the surrounding community.”
The official club website states that a further update with more details will be released in the next 2 weeks. (MA)
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