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Pitchero announce broadcast deal for Northen Premier League

Pitchero have announced that they have agreed their the first ever contract to film all future matches in the Northern Premier League.

The company, who are based in Leeds, are already the largest digital network for grassroots and amateur sports clubs will now add to their service with the new broadcast deal. They will provide highlight packages and clips across club and local media channels for all clubs in the Northern Premier League.

“This is a strong demonstration of our commitment and passion for football at all levels, and an exciting start as we plan to make the local game more accessible than ever before,” said Mark Fletcher, CEO of Pitchero.

In addition to covering the Northern Premier League, they will also film matches from Division One North and South.

“This is a truly exciting development for clubs like Stourbridge, and a brilliant reward for our loyal supporters, who will now find it easier than ever to follow our progress,” stated Stourbridge club secretary, Clive Eades.

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