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Cardiff City manager says Players should get off the bus and sign autographs

Neil Warnock says that Cardiff fans are his kind of fans.

Neil Warnock says during his press conference that he highly respects Cardiff fans, the kind of fans that get behind the team and support them along the way.

As well as mentioning that he wouldn't have been at the club if it wasn't in the 'state it was in', Warnock claims that he would like to think he was going to a club where he could claim his 8th promotion.

'The clubs that I go too, I try to get all the playing side and behind the scenes staff to get all together, singing from the same hymn sheet'

'All managers have aims and ambitions to do the best for the club, you come in with a clean slate and start fresh with each club.'

'I believe the players should get off the bus and sign autographs, not walk past with big headphones on'

Stating that Cardiff City could beat anyone in the Championship, any team could beat Cardiff City as it is such a unpredicatble league


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