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Portsmouth fans upset by Emirates sponsorship


The Spinnaker Tower, one of Portsmouth's most visible land marks is receiving a makeover as part of a sponsorship deal between Portsmouth City Council and Emirates Airline.

The airline has purchased the naming rights for the structure in a contract worth £3.5million over five years.

But the decision to paint the tower red and white has not gone down well with Pompey fans and an online petition already has 5,000 signatures in less than 24 hours.

Pompey fan Alex Judd, who set up the petition, said: "Portsmouth is a proud city, with a deep footballing heritage at its core.

"The recent announcement by Portsmouth City Council to allow Emirates to paint the Spinnaker Tower in the colours of the city's fiercest rivals - red and white - flies in the face of the loyal values of the city.

"The very fact that the fans took ownership of the club, just two years ago, proves how the people of Portsmouth live and breathe football.

"To allow the colours of Southampton to stand tall on one of our city's most prominent landmarks shows an incredible lack of empathy for the residents. It must be stopped.'


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