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Premier League champions Manchester City agree deal with Call Systems Technology, partner to Verteda


Fans at Premier League champions Manchester City will find a much improved service delivery at the Eithad, thanks to Call Systems Technology and their partners Verteda.

The 48,000 visitors to the stadium will reap the benefits of a smart kitchen automation solution this season, which will see a dramatic improvement in service delivery times across its hospitality areas. 

Call Systems Technology, the UK's leading supplier of on-site wireless communications systems, has installed its ConnectSmart Kitchen® (CSK) system across the six hospitality areas to ensure quick and efficient service levels for all visitors to the club.

CST, worked alongside hospitality technology solutions provider Verteda to provide a flexible kitchen automation solution, replacing the stadium’s existing manual and printer paper operation. The application of CSK® took place as part of a major renovation of the front and back of house facilities at the Etihad Stadium, managed by Verteda. 

CST was tasked with improving the following: Service delivery times, communication between front and back of house and order delivery in the kitchen. The system also had to deal with reducing labour by eliminating the need for staff to go to the kitchen to request orders.

The CSK® system helps the stadium’s chefs to determine which food items to focus on, taking into consideration preparation times of each so all items for the order complete at the same time. Screens at each chef’s station present staff with all the information they need when and where they need it. This ensures that customers receive their meals together, freshly prepared, even when cooking times vary.

Ashley Sheppard, Commercial Director at Call Systems Technology commented: “What a fantastic result for Manchester City FC. As championship winners, it is more important than ever that the team’s skill on the pitch is complemented by the quality of their stadium hospitality."

"The potential for 48,000 visitors to be at the stadium on match day creates an incredibly demanding atmosphere for hospitality staff where speed and efficiency of service are paramount."

“Our CSK® system was a crucial component of the new hospitality technology implemented at the site. It ensures that all food is prepared quickly and efficiently - especially at half time when the staff are placed under enormous pressure.”

Neil Worcester, Venue Director at Fabulous FanFayre, contract caterers at the Etihad Stadium, commented: “The catering facilities at the stadium were in real need of modernisation and to be operational efficient. Now, with the help of CST and Verteda, we offer a superior quality service, that ensures quick and efficient service levels and in turn, customer satisfaction."

"The kitchen automation system is ideal for when the team are juggling lots of orders, something which is sure to increase with the recent approval for an extra 14,000 seats at the stadium.”

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