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Premier League clubs agree to further talks on safe standing

Premier League clubs have agreed to have further talks about the potential of introducing safe standing at their grounds.

Currently all Premier League and Championship stadiums have to be all-seater stadiums by law since terraces were outlawed after Hillsborough disaster in 1989.

On Thursday initial discussions took place between Premier League clubs with safety being emphasised as the most important element of any decision. The hunger for the reintroduction of safe standing in stadiums is believed to vary from club to club, with Everton confirming they are "not considering" safe standing.

The secretary for the Hillsborough Support Group, Sue Roberts said it would be a "backwards step" to bring back standing. "We have a tendency to forget things in history. I think it's one step in the wrong direction, that will lead to another and another," Roberts, who lost her brother in the disaster, told BBC Sport.

"I would hate to be still around to say I told you so."

The Premier League have set the clubs the task to examine any safety, fan, technical and legislative issues before any further discussions will take place.




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