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Premier League latest: Burnley announce improvements to training complex


In a week when Premier League Burnley field an all United Kingdom side for the third match running it was fitting that the club full of 'home' grown talent should announce improvements to its Gawthorpe training complex.

Burnley boss Sean Dyche believes the club's plans to make huge improvements to their training complex are vital for the club’s long-term future.

The Clarets confirmed that they have submitted a detailed planning application to Burnley Borough Council, which includes a new indoor training facilities, first team and academy training buildings and three new pitches.

That would be complemented by a team meeting room, a guest lounge for parents, a match analysis suite, medical facilities, offices, a players; lounge, drug-testing room, gym and hydro pool.

The club already have planning permission to build an indoor pitch on the current site, but they have expanded the plans as they look to reach category two status under the Premier League’s Elite Player Performance Plan.

Local residents have been contacted and will have their opportunity to comment on the plans at a meeting in the new year.

Dyche said: “The way football is going at any level the importance of facilities has grown radically throughout my career and into coaching and management.

“I don’t know the official stat but 90 or 95 per cent of a player’s professional life is at the training ground so it’s important the facilities are right.

“We have generally good facilities here, it must be said. It’s not like we’re training on cabbage patches, we have a very good pitch but there’s not a lot of them.

“Although our facility is small it’s very usable. We have all the support systems we need with analysts and sports science, dietary requirements etc.

“But space is at a premium and pitches are at a premium.

“This would be a big step forward.

“There’s obviously a long way to go with planning but making it open to everyone shows true signs of what they’re looking to do.

“There has to be a base beyond just what’s going on with the immediacy, which is of course very important.

“The club’s been here for forever it seems and it needs to go on forever.”

 Chief executive Lee Hoos said: “Going forward this is an absolutely critical piece of work for the club.

“We need to give the players the best opportunities for training and development.”

For the record, Injuries to Northern Ireland’s Michael Duff and the Republic of Ireland’s Stephen Ward have seen the Clarets field a full team of players from Great Britain in each of their last three games – the first time any Premier League side has done so since Blackpool during the 2010/11 season.


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