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Premier League: Manchester United name Wayne Rooney as captain as well as imposing technology ban at Old Trafford

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Manchester United has banned fans from bringing tablets and laptops to football matches at its stadium, just days before new captain Wayne Rooney will lead out the side for the start of the season.

The club said it was reacting to "security intelligence", adding the restriction was in line with new checks on electronic equipment at airports.

It said that unlike at airports, it would be "impractical" at the stadium to check the devices were genuine by asking for them to be powered up.

Laptops and tablets, as well as phones larger than 15cm by 10cm will all be subject to the ban.

Both the Premier League and Greater Manchester Police have said that they have no involvement with the ban, whilst the FA has yet to comment.

A brief statement on the club's website stated that the reason only Old Trafford is imposing such a ban is 'The regulations at each stadium are a matter for the relevant stadium management authorities, however, the scale of Old Trafford and profile of Manchester United mean that the risk at this venue is unique.'

It also stated that 'The configuration of the stadium and arrival profile of spectators means that it is impractical to deal with individual requests of this nature', referring to the suggestion that fans could power up their device to show it worked.

This trend of thought comes after UK airports imposed similar sanctions for flights to the US, where any electronic device had to be charged and shown to security personnel before it could be let on the plane.

One thing it does mean is there will be a lot less pictures on social media of Wayne Rooney, as he leads out United for their season as the new club captain.

Considered one of the favourites after former captain and vice captain Nemanja Vidic and Patrice Evra both left at the end of last season, Rooney will be deputised by midfielder Darren Fletcher.



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