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Premier League: QPR face potential barring from the Football League should they be relegated due to FFP fines

Premier League side QPR might not be allowed back into the Football League should they be relegated this season, due to breaches of Financial Fair Play.

The club were relegated from the Premier League at the end of the 2012/13 season, having spent a huge amount on transfer fees and player wages, some of which were reportedly being paid six figures a week.

They made a loss of nearly £65m that season, and should they have failed to reduce those losses over the course of last season, could face a fine of around £54m.

The club will at some point before the end of November reveal their finances for the 2013/14 season, in which they made an immediate return to the top flight via the play-offs.

Whilst they are in the Premier League the fine can't be imposed, but should they be relegated, the Football League could refuse them entry to any of their competitions, meaning they potentially could end up playing in the Conference.

However, Football League chief Shaun Harvey has said, "I would hope there would be a resolution long before that option even had to be considered."

"We are satisfied we still have the ability under our regulations to charge them for a breach of our rules whilst they were in membership."

"Most clubs (in the Premier League) will become a Football League club again. QPR will be hoping it does not happen for some considerable number of seasons."

"But the chances are they will need to return to the Football League fold at some point in the future."

"Certainly, three of the current 20 clubs that are in the Premier League will be in the Football League next season."

The Football League face the difficult task of trying to retrieve fines from clubs like QPR who, whilst in the Premier League, fall out of the Football League's jurisdiction.

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