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Premier League: Speculation grows about Tottenham's temporary home as club also deny it's owners are looking to sell

Several stadiums are being touted for Tottenham's temporary home whilst they wait for their new stadium to be built during the 2017/18 season.

Spurs' plans to move from White Hart Lane have been delayed because of a dispute with one of the landowners on the proposed site where the new stadium will be.

The delay means that for the 2017/18 season, the club will have nowhere to play their home games. 

Several stadiums such as MK Don's StadiumMk, West Ham's future home the Olympic Park Stadium, or even the national stadium Wembley have all been mooted in the press and on social media, with the latter getting the majority of the votes in a Spurs fan poll.

However the club had to deal with another problem today as reports in the press suggested that the club's owner Joe Lewis was looking to sell the club for £1bn.

The club released a short statement in which it addressed both the issue of where their temporary home will be, and the owner's stance on selling the club.

"The stadium redevelopment plans are a significant part of the future for both our Club and the local area and represent a complex infrastructure project that requires funding." The statement read on the club's official site.

"This substantial construction project requires discussions with multiple providers of finance so that the optimum financing package can be achieved. To this end, we have appointed Rothschild to advise us on those options."

"Accordingly, we  are at a stage where we are starting to engage with a number of financing institutions and potential funders in respect of the new stadium development project."

"Contrary to recent press speculation, neither the Club, nor its majority shareholder, are in any takeover discussions and the focus of the club is fully on delivering the new stadium project."

The statement didn't directly talk about where the club would move to for one season, but it is understood to be one of the issues that investment bank Rothschild will be helping with.

Spurs have made an impressive start to the season so far, having won four of their five competitive matches and qualifying comfortably for the Europa League group stages.

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