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Premier League: Tottenham officially ban 'selfie sticks' from their stadium


Tottenham have banned the 'Selfie Sticks' from  being brought to White Hart Lane, after a complaint from a fan.

The device, conceived off the back of the 'selfie craze' that is widely used on social media, is an extendible arm that people can attach their cameras or phones to in order to take better pictures of themselves. 

A fan made a complaint about the devices to the club, who in turn responded by not only banning them during games, which was already in place, but not allowing them to be brought into White Hart Lane at all.

An email to the fan from the Premier League club's customer care team said: "Upon review, selfie sticks have now been banned from entering White Hart Lane."

"All stewards will be briefed prior to the next home fixture."

"Your comments have been noted and are appreciated and we thank you for taking the time to write to us with your view."

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