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PSV announce new deal with Beyond Sports

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Beyond Sports have been appointed by PSV as their preferred supplier for virtual reality technology and related services.

The deal, which starts this season, will enable PSV to use of the virtual reality technology of Beyond Sports for training purposes and game play analyses. PSV is the next big top-tier league club in Holland that inhabits the revolutionary technology of Beyond Sports into the daily training program of both the first team and the youth academy.

The pilot stage that PSV and Beyond Sports collaboratively performed has lead to the integration of the program into the training structure of PSV. The test phase has helped enormously in shaping and optimising the product for integration into daily usage. In combination with the promising research results, this has led to the decision to structurally integrate the VR technology into the training program. ‘’It's a very valuable addition to the current program.’’, states performance analyst Wim Rip from PSV. “Match scenarios can be imitated in detail and the learnings are amazing. Very promising.’’

The virtual reality technology Beyond Sports offers, is based on real match data and enable a club to create scenarios based on a certain game-plan or a very specific approach. The scientific research fuels the possibilities for more specific training for individual athletes and also promises structural player enhancement in both performance and tactical decision making.

‘’Beyond Sports offers the future of individual training by innovating existing methods and structures. The major advantages technology provides in our normal day-to-day lives can be used and optimised for the sports industry. However, almost nobody is doing it, until now. So we offer the technology that pulls clubs into the 21st century when it comes to the integration of innovative technology and individual performance enhancement.’ states the company’s Director of Business, Sander Schouten.


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