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Rangers make EGM U-turn with meeting now being held at Ibrox

Rangers will now hold their EGM at Ibrox after plans to hold the meeting at two London hotels fell through.

The meeting, which was called by shareholder Dave King, in an attempt to oust the current Rangers board, was originally scheduled for March 4th.

Initially the meeting was to be held in London, but two hotels have backed out of hosting the meeting amid allegations of security threats and false information being given.

A statement from Rangers said: "It is with regret that the board must announce that, following threats from persons unknown, the Grange Hotel at Tower Hill in London has informed the company that it is no longer willing to host the general meeting on 4 March 2015."

"Accordingly, the new venue for this general meeting will be Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, at a date to be determined."

"The original London venue was selected for the general meeting because the board felt that previous general meetings held at Ibrox had been disrupted by chanting and other shouting and accordingly had sought a business venue where a meeting could be held with more decorum."

A spokesman for the hotel group said: "There is no question when it comes to the comfort and security of our guests and staff.

"We do not compromise on this and therefore the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel has declined the opportunity to host the proposed Rangers FC EGM."

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