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Referee reveals details of incidents he was told to lie about


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Referee Mark Halsey reaveals details of the incidents he was told to lie about.

​Premier League referee Mark Halsey has caused a bit of a stir in recent weeks with allegations of past corruption after the recent incident involving Sergio Aguero and Winston Reid.

The official claims that he had been asked to lie about an incident by referee chiefs and now the 55-year-old has revealed to the Sun the moment that fuelled his social media outburst.

It was during a match between Blackburn Rovers and Stoke City back in 2011. Steven N'Zonzi, clashed off the ball with the Stokes' captain, Ryan Shawcross.

Halsey saw the altercation but deemed it to be minor and did not send the Frenchman off, who was seen to be the aggressor in the situation. However, the matter did not cease there as the referee revealed the torment he had to undergo after:

“I saw the incident between Steven Nzonzi and Ryan Shawcross and was happy it was not a red card.

“Then, when the assessor came in, he said there was no problem and that I’d refereed very well.

“On the Monday we had our get-together with referees and I was told, 

‘Look at this’ and I was still happy with the decision.

“I was told to expect a call from the FA compliance department, which I duly got.

“When I got the call I said I was still happy — but they said my bosses weren’t happy. I was under pressure to say I hadn’t seen it.

“I was furious but no matter what industry you are in, you do what your bosses say.

'So he was charged and got three matches.”

Halsey said: “I know it goes on because other referees have told me.

“Nothing can happen because nobody can say anything publically as a referee. But I suspect it does go on. There are outside influences on different situations.”

Halsey also suggested that this was not an isolated incident, with Lee Mason going through a similar ordeal when Wayne Rooney swore into a camera in a match against West Ham. 



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