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Retail and Sports Systems help West Ham transition

Retail & Sports Systems (R&SS) have helped West Ham with the transition for the retail business during the clubs move from Upton Park to the London Stadium.

The move enabled the club to look at their retail business by realigning the business and improving their efficiency. The lack of consistency between the front of house and online store due to having different supplier for each meant that there was no integration between them both and as a result issues such as slow delivery times, stock take errors and a lack of offers arose at the club.  

Mike Bohndiek, Head of IT at West Ham, said "sales were forecast to increase by 40% at the new store and as a result those little inefficiencies that had been accepted and dealt with at Upton Park were no longer something the club could cater for". R&SS then joined up with the club to install an EPOS system at the retail store as well as a new online retail system linked to the new a developed warehouse to improve delivery times.

Richard Waltham, director at R&SS, said "we see ourselves as best of breed within retail. We know that integration with other companies within CRM and ticketing are key".  


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