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Rigby Taylor Enhances Apex, Microfine and Polypro Turf Fertilisers

Rigby Taylor, the company at the forefront of supplying innovative products for the successful management and maintenance of turf surfaces, has given its Apex turf fertilisers a major ‘make-over’ resulting in a range of high-organic content fertilisers with low salt analyses and rich humic acid levels to encourage root development and stimulate soil microbial activity.

The homogenous mini-granule formulations provide conventional and a slow release of nutrients to offer flexible, accurate and uniform application. Many of the products contain Polyhalite, an organic source of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium that helps to strengthen cell walls, making plant tissue less susceptible to turf disease damage.

In addition, the company’s Microfine range has been enhanced with six low-sulphur analyses. Sulphur is an important nutrient for plant health but it has been shown that constant applications of products high in this nutrient can lower pH levels and exacerbate black layer formation.

Microfine mini-granular formulations, however, provide both slow and conventional release forms of nitrogen, with a number of products containing methylene urea that release N in synchronisation with a plant’s requirements. Formulations also contain iron and magnesium, with two offering cold start benefits.

Rigby Taylor has also added two Polypro SK analyses to its fertiliser portfolio. With the superior polymer (urea) coating technology, both provide several month’s controlled release nutrition, in conjunction with added seaweed, organic potassium and bio stimulants.

The micro-granule Polypro range includes a conventional compound granule, blended with coated nutrients so the plant receives an early required boost. Calcium and magnesium has been added for improved turf disease tolerance.


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