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Rigby Taylor In Powergrass Partnership to Introduce Innovative Hybrid Playing Surface


Rigby Taylor is working with PowerGrass UK to introduce to UK users the innovative PowerGrass hybrid surface.

This combination synthetic-natural pitch hybrid boasts all the advantages of natural grass as well as the strength and resistance of a synthetic surface.  

PowerGrass has been developed with the aim of providing a surface with more playing hours during the year - up to 1,200 hours - even when natural grass is not yet grown or damaged for any reason. The system can be tailor-made to provide softness, air circulation in the growth layer and quick water penetration to the drainage layer.

The PowerGrass surface also has the benefit of reduced and simpler installation costs compared to other alternative hybrid options.

When these attributes are combined with the use of market-leading Rigby Taylor grass varieties and agronomy programmes, the result is a surface capable of providing top quality playing charac­te­ristics with the added benefit of coping with additional playing time even under winter conditions.­  


On-going projects include football (full and part-pitch instal­la­tions), rugby and golf.

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