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Rumours abound that QPR's Harry Redknapp needs result against Manchester United


QPR have gained all their points this season at Loftus Road - but ten straight away defeats culminating in another against relegation rivals last week have plunged Harry Redknapp into trouble. Redknapp firmly believes that.

He said ahead of the vital game with Manchester United:

'Somebody is trying to cause me a problem here, by talking to the papers,'

'I know what the score is: I'm not silly, I'm very streetwise. Someone's trying to cause me a problem I'm sure.

'I wasn't born yesterday. Someone has said something, but it's not a problem.

'I've never had it before, I've never been at a club before where someone has said I'm going to get the sack. And I don't see why, who puts it in the paper? Someone's put it in the paper.

 'If I win tomorrow it's all forgotten. I'm not silly. There's always someone trying to put the spoke in.

'They should check everyone's mobile phones and find out. That's the best way, it's easy.'

Redknapp is the bookmakers favourite to be the next Premier League manager to lose his job and one newspaper claimed this week that lose to United on Saturday and he would be sacked. He is odds-on with many firms having been a 5/1 shot earlier in the week.

The former Tottenham boss believes he retains the full support of QPR owner Tony Fernandes, but admitted he suspects challenges to his stewardship elsewhere behind the scenes.

Redknapp went on:

'I've been through lots of bad situations, far worse than facing Man Utd tomorrow.

'It's up to the chairman, whatever he wants to do. I love Tony Fernandes and I don't say that because I'm creeping up to him, it's because he's a great guy. And if he says to me 'Harry, I'm going to go down a different route', fine, that's his
Redknapp speaks to his players during training ahead of Saturday's game with Manchester United

'You do your best, that's all you do. If someone goes out, falls over the ball and concedes a goal, what can I do? You can only try your best and I've had a great time, and I want to continue doing it.

'I spoke to Tony this week, he's not mentioned anything of that nature to me, and until he does, I'll keep doing what I do.

'It's up to other people at the club. It's not easy, no-one's pretending otherwise.'


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