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Russian football- Club given partial stadium closure after former Blackburn star Christopher Samba racially abused

The Russian Football Union (RFU) has ordered a partial stadium closure for Torpedo Moscow, after their fans aimed racist chants at Christopher Samba.

The Moscow derby between Torpedo and Dynamo, who Samba plays for, was marred by the chants aimed towards the player, who has since admitted that he was substituted at half time because of the abuse, as opposed to an injury which was initially thought to be the reason.

The Russian Football Union (RFU) ruled on Thursday Torpedo must shut the 'fan's sector' for their next league match.

The 'fans' sector' is a part of the Stadium where the club's most vocal and boisterous fans sit. Areas like this are common across European grounds, especially in Eastern Europe, where crowd violence and abuse are more frequent. 

The head of the disciplinary committee for the RFU,  Artur Grigoryants said: "There was a note in the delegate's report that throughout the first half there were chants directed at FC Dynamo player Christopher Samba."

"The delegate has confirmed it once again at the meeting. The referee of the match has also informed the committee that Samba told him about chanting during the first corner kick."

"Samba has also sent a letter to the disciplinary committee where he confirmed the chanting and that he appealed to the referee during the game."

Samba spent six seasons in the Premier League with Blackburn Rovers before moving to Russian football, but did make a brief return with QPR in 2013.

It's the second time he has been abused racially whilst playing in Russia, and he is joined alongside players such as Yaya Toure who have seen acts of racial abuse punished by the RFU.

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