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Scottish football: League give clubs extra advertising space on shirts


Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) clubs have been given the option of an extra ad space to sell on the their shirts for sponsors logos from the start of next season.

The recommendation to add the new shirt inventory came from a working group looking at player kit sponsorship regulations which were then approved by the SPFL board.

SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster, said: "We are pleased to announce this additional opportunity for member clubs to sell another space on player kits to current or prospective sponsors."

The third space will be a 100 sq cm space on the back of the shirt below the player's number.

The release of the third sponsor slot is in response to calls from clubs for more visible and effective sales inventory.

Currently the 42 SPFL clubs can sell the front of the team shirt and a space above the player's number on the back of the shirt as is the case in England.


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