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Sepp Blatter still being paid by FIFA

Former FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, is still being paid by FIFA despite serving a eight year ban from football.

Blatter was handed his ban along with UEFA president, Michel Platini, after the FIFA's ethics committee took action against the pair for a £1.3m payment made from the Swiss to the Frenchman back in 2011 for work carried out between 1998 and 2002, although both deny any wrongdoing. 

However, even though Blatter has an eight-year ban from all footballing activity and a previous 90-day suspension, he continues to receive his FIFA president salary and will do so untill his successor is appointed on 26 Febuaray. 

According to Sporting Intelligence, Blatter receives in the region of $6m [£4.2m] each year, meaning that he could have received up to $1.7m [£1.19m] since he was suspended on 8 October, and by the time his 18 years as president comes to an end next month, his wages could reach $2.3m [£1.6m] for the period that he has been suspended and banned for.

Blatter's payment is seen as even more bizarre considering that the governing body has appointed an acting president in Issa Hayatou, meaning FIFA are currently paying two men for the same job.

Despite being paid a salary from FIFA, Sepp Blatter's bonus payments have been stopped as he no longer is carrying out his duties of supervising FIFA.

Both Blatter and Platini have confirmed their intention to appeal against their eight-year bans from football. (MA)

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