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Shrewsbury tournament provides Inter­national flavour



The English Cup from £142 per person - bring your team!

In these difficult times UK teams will be pleased to know that Soccer Desti­nations has held or even reduced most of its prices.

The English Cup, Shrewsbury's Inter­national Soccer Tournament will be in its third years in 2009 (2nd - 7th August).­  Shrewsbury offers excellent pitches and a modern building that houses the changing rooms, a restaurant, the admi­nis­tra­tion and other facilities.­ 

For residents the tournament has the option of en-suite hotel rooms, standard accom­moda­tion in famous Shrewsbury School and to keep prices down the budget category is being expanded.­ All the resident packages include 2 meals a day and all local shuttle buses.­ 

The inclusive price can be as low as £142 per person plus a team entry fee.

Non residents are welcome and bookings can be made now at the £20 per person price for 5 days of football.

Boys age groups from 1998 (U11) to 1992 (U17) are available in the open club compe­titions or on the profes­sional/­select stream. Younger teams U7 to U10 can play in one-day festivals that provide experience of an inter­national tournament.

Girls play on 3 days (5th - 7th August) and have 3 age groups from 1993 to 1997. Girls can stay 3 or 4 nights and enjoy special prices from £95 per person plus a team entry fee.

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Visit our website www.­soccer­des­ti­nations.­com  for more info or call Margaret on 01686 627100 or e-mail us at soccer­dests@­btconnect.­com.

Iain Skewis explains more:

'Quality of facilities is matched by the high standard of soccer provided.­  Whether a team selects the open club level or seeks the challenge of playing in the profes­sional/­select compe­titions, they will enjoy the same high standard of orga­nisa­tion and match officials.­  The 2008 profes­sional/­select tournament featured big name clubs from the English League, such as Barnsley, Blackpool, Oldham, Cardiff and Swansea City in compe­titions down to U11.­ Mexicans and Argen­tineans added a South American flavour and teams from Continental Europe brought their own style.

 'Whatever you do make sure you choose a BISTA (British Isles Soccer Tournaments Asso­ci­ation) tournament and take away the risks.­ BISTA guarantees standards at its approved tournaments and it inspects them to ensure these are being observed.­ Where eligible all Soccer Desti­nations tournaments are BISTA approved.

 'It is important for teams to know that the event now being operated at Aberystwyth has nothing whatsoever to do with Soccer Desti­nations or the former 'Ian Rush Tournament', although it is often presented as having such a link.'

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