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Shrewsbury tournament provides International flavour



The English Cup from £142 per person - bring your team!

In these difficult times UK teams will be pleased to know that Soccer Destinations has held or even reduced most of its prices.

The English Cup, Shrewsbury's International Soccer Tournament will be in its third years in 2009 (2nd - 7th August).  Shrewsbury offers excellent pitches and a modern building that houses the changing rooms, a restaurant, the administration and other facilities. 

For residents the tournament has the option of en-suite hotel rooms, standard accommodation in famous Shrewsbury School and to keep prices down the budget category is being expanded. All the resident packages include 2 meals a day and all local shuttle buses. 

The inclusive price can be as low as £142 per person plus a team entry fee.

Non residents are welcome and bookings can be made now at the £20 per person price for 5 days of football.

Boys age groups from 1998 (U11) to 1992 (U17) are available in the open club competitions or on the professional/­select stream. Younger teams U7 to U10 can play in one-day festivals that provide experience of an international tournament.

Girls play on 3 days (5th - 7th August) and have 3 age groups from 1993 to 1997. Girls can stay 3 or 4 nights and enjoy special prices from £95 per person plus a team entry fee.

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Visit our website www.­soccer­des­ti­nations.­com  for more info or call Margaret on 01686 627100 or e-mail us at

Iain Skewis explains more:

'Quality of facilities is matched by the high standard of soccer provided.  Whether a team selects the open club level or seeks the challenge of playing in the professional/­select competitions, they will enjoy the same high standard of organisation and match officials.  The 2008 professional/­select tournament featured big name clubs from the English League, such as Barnsley, Blackpool, Oldham, Cardiff and Swansea City in competitions down to U11. Mexicans and Argentineans added a South American flavour and teams from Continental Europe brought their own style.

 'Whatever you do make sure you choose a BISTA (British Isles Soccer Tournaments Association) tournament and take away the risks. BISTA guarantees standards at its approved tournaments and it inspects them to ensure these are being observed. Where eligible all Soccer Destinations tournaments are BISTA approved.

 'It is important for teams to know that the event now being operated at Aberystwyth has nothing whatsoever to do with Soccer Destinations or the former 'Ian Rush Tournament', although it is often presented as having such a link.'

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