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Socttish Football: James Easdale resigns from Rangers board ahead of EGM

James Easdale has resigned from his role on Rangers' board due to growing unrest amongst supporters.

Easdale and his brother Sandy have come under scrutiny from the Rangers faithful, and it is for this reason James has supposedly decided to step down.

The club are set to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) next month to vote on whether to keep the current board in place at Ibrox.

And although shareholders voted overwhelmingly in Easdale's favour at the last meeting, he said even if he got shareholders' backing again, it would be a 'hollow victory' without the support of the terraces.

After a statement was made by the club on the stock exchange, Easdale himself released a statement saying "I drew great comfort from the shareholder votes in my favour at the AGM on 22 December - almost 90%,"

"However, it was clear that this cut little ice with the fans who attended Ibrox on that day."

"I personally feel to remain on the board even after securing shareholder backing once more would be a hollow victory for me without the fans' support to help the club go forward."

"I also want to dispel any remaining doubt that I received any remuneration from Rangers. I did not. Instead, I chose to work for free to benefit the club."

"I want to see Rangers flourish again with both fans and shareholders working in harmony."

"To help achieve that objective, I think it is in the best interests of the club that I step aside and resign from the board of Rangers FC."

Alongside the Easdale brothers the Rangers board currently consists of chairman David Somers, chief executive Derek Llambias and finance director Barry Leach.

Llambias and Leach are both close associates of Newcastle owner Mike Ashley, who has invested heavily in the club in recent months and increased his stake in the club.

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