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Stoke City announce new partnership


Stoke City have announced a partnership with Sparta Science.

The Silicon Valley data and technology company will provide the Premier League outfit with a software platform that allows coaches and trainers to measure and minimise player injury risk, thereby increasing on-field time and decreasing injury-related costs.

Sparta will monitor player health with its ‘Sparta Scan’ test that is proven to predict injury risk. The test works by collecting data from a series of jumps made by the athlete on a force plate and comparing the results to data collated from over 10,000 professional and collegiate athletes over nine years.

The company’s sports portfolio includes partnerships with the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Cleveland Cavaliers, the National Hockey League’s (NHL) Washington Nationals and Colorado Rockies, the National Football League’s (NFL) Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers, Major League Soccer’s (MLS) San Jose Earthquakes, Ohio State University, and the University of Kansas, among others.

"We needed to have an objective and simple system that we could sell to players and coaching staff, and the clarity that Sparta Science's system gives us keeps us from getting buried in data that doesn't matter - coaches and players know what they need to pay attention to," said Andy Davies, lead strength and rehabi­lita­tion coach at Stoke.

"The speed is also remarkable - we have two harder training days a week and can get all 30 of our guys tested within a half-hour. This helps with consistency, objectively tracking training results and knowing when our injured players are ready to return to the pitch."

"This partnership marks our first with an English Premier League club, and we're eager to apply nearly a decade of learning from teams across all American major leagues to what many consider the world's most popular league," added Phil Wagner, chief executive and founder of Sparta Science. "We pride ourselves in providing a solution that delivers equally well on the priorities of the front office, coaching staff and players alike."

"Since we've brought in the Sparta Science system, we have been able to refine our morning training programmes, which has helped increase my availability, as I'm sure it has many of the team," said Joe Allen, midfielder for Stoke.



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