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Stoke City Event major success as Wolves legend Steve Daley stars


The football world convened on the Britannia Stadium on Thursday for the latest football networking event held by foot­ball­tra­dedi­rec­tory.­com (FTD)

Over 100 clubs and companies were represented at the lunchtime event. A range of exhibitors including local Staffordshire companies like Broxap, Anita Harris Pottery, Ticketmaster, and Mercury Sports Products were joined by other football brands and suppliers.

These included FA partners Mars, SMMEX the Wembley based merchandise show, other ticketing specialists: Glitner Ticketing, Medoc, and PCS as well as GeoQuip International the leaders in barriers and turnstile operations.

Sports ID one of the leading football perimeter advertising providers and Thermopatch Uk who have a unique range of thermal transfers were also popular exhibitors.

On the team-wear side, Zoti Sports had a dazzling display of their latest team-wear ranges aimed at grass roots teams.

Weston Security, part owned by wartime hero Simon Weston, were also there along with two of the leading display screen providers in Message Maker and Northern Irish based FSL.

For those looking for new pitch solutions, Tiger Turf were on hand with samples of their latest artificial surface options.

FTD's managing director John Booth said:

'It was one of the best events we have done, with a nice balance of exhibitors and delegates. The day was topped off by a superb presentation from former Wolves legend, Steve Daley. We had been told he was a class act and we weren't disappointed.'

The next event in the series is at Bolton wanderers on June 18th



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