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Swindon Town announce major sponsorship deal with Nationwide Building Society


The world's biggest building society - The Nationwide has teamed up with Swindon Town in SkyBet league1.
The new deal, which will run until the end of the 2017/18 season, will see Nationwide Building Society become the official sponsor of the Don Rogers Stand, with the stand being renamed ‘the Don Rogers Stand in association with Nationwide Building Society’.
Nationwide Building Society provide financial services to millions of people in the UK such as current accounts, savings accounts, mortgage loans, credit cards, loans and insurance products. Its headquarters are based in Swindon housing around 5,000 employees locally.

The company were one time sponsors of the Football League itself.
Steve Anderson, General Manager at Swindon Town Football Club, gave his views on the new partnership: “It is fantastic to have an organisation and a brand such as Nationwide Building Society back on board with the Football Club," he said.

"As well as bringing in revenue, it also gives both parties the opportunity to work on exciting projects together within the local community. With one of the largest employee bases in Wiltshire, it was important to show how we can work with them. Having such a prestigious local brand back partnering the Football Club is huge news locally and nationally and shows the work the club are putting in both on and off the field in order to achieve our goals moving forward. I would like to thank all at Nationwide Building Society for their continued hard work on this sponsorship and we look forward to working together for the foreseeable future.”
Paul Hibbs Head of Brand and Advertising said: “We’re delighted to be sponsoring Swindon Town’s Don Rogers Stand. Like us, Swindon Town has long been part of the local community so we’re certain it’ll be a superb three-year partnership. We’re looking forward to what we hope will be a successful season for the club and its many supporters.”

Read more at http://­www.­swindontownfc.­co.­uk/­news/­article/­nationwide-partnership-announced-2518014.­aspx#g2pgjDmHCA1ZQ8OR.­99


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