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The FA and Paypal team up to combat grassroots payments

The Football Association (The FA) partner with PayPal allowing grassroots players to use smartphones to pay match fees.

80% of clubs use a cash in hand payment method with 38% using cheques. This way of paying causes many clubs to receive late payments or left chasing up old debts.
Clubs have suggested 40% of their match fees are not paid and 74% spend time chasing late payments.
The FA states that clubs lose millions per season on uncollected fees.

A of today, the FA Matchday App, will revolu­ti­onize how match fees are received from parents, players and grassroot managers.

By absorbing fees paid through the FA Matchday App, PayPal and The FA will make tracking and the collection of the payments easier for managers of grassroots football teams.

 A significant amount of club officials (71%) are favourable to the imple­men­ta­tion of a simple, secure and efficient online payment system.

 This allows the people running the team to do just that, reducing the amount of time spent chasing payments and counting the coins.

  Former Arsenal and England Inter­national, Lee Dixon, commented: “Paying with cash in grassroots football has been a problem for years. When I first started playing, my mum would give me a couple of pounds to pay my subs, which I’d tuck it into my sock.

 Come full time I’d have lost the coins and my manager would be out of pocket. Things haven’t really changed in decades. We shouldn’t unde­res­timate what this app could do for the grassroots game. Providing teams with steady income is essential to the sport’s future success.”

 Director of Digital Engagement at The FA, Russell James, stated: “This signals our intent to further bring grassroots football into the digital age, making the game more accessible for all.

 “­Importantly, this service will help save time and reduce admi­nis­tra­tion for those people who dedicate their time to organising the football that so many people enjoy. Working with PayPal, the market leaders in their field, can only have a positive impact for everyone at grassroots football.”

 The FA Matchday App doesn't only collect payments, but gives managers and coaches the opportunity to organise training sessions and matches, feature their starting line-up and give their team regular updates. Players can inform of their availability for training and matches, look at the league tables, see their match fixtures and results.

 Further colla­bora­tions between the FA and PayPal to further develop the offering at the grassroot level. The Partnership agreement bwtween both orga­nisa­tions will last for four-years.






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