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Top pitch company Rigby Taylor's French Connection

So you think -  when you've seen one grass pitch you've seen them all - well think again.

FTD's Managing Director, John Booth reflects on a recent trip to Les Alleuds, Angers in France

With their partners Top Green, Rigby Taylor are engaged in a monumental programme of pitch development that can take up to 15 years from start to finish. Rigby Taylor are leaders in providing products for all areas of turf & lawn care.

As John explains:

'The facility we saw at Les Alleuds affirms why Rigby Taylor are leaders in their field - no pun intended. The care taken to develop literally 1,000s of different grass strains to come up with a handful of varieties that can go into commercial production is mind boggling.

'The science involved in selecting the best strains from the 1,000s of samples explains why they have been able to develop new varieties that for example thrive under the artificial lights often used by modern stadiums, or that can suffer the wear and tear of multi sports use.

'A fascinating trip that confirmed why Rigby Taylor are able to offer their client clubs alternative solutions - every stadium is different.'

For more information visit  http://­www.­rigbytaylor.­com/­topgreen.­htm



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