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Tottenham and Chelsea might share Wembley Stadium reports reveal

According to Saturday's Daily Telegraph, Tottenham Hotspur are open to entering a Wembley ground share agreement with Chelsea to avoid an ugly bidding war breaking out between the London clubs.

Both Spurs and Chelsea are interested in using Wembley while they build new stadiums, with Tottenham already indicating to the Football Association that they are prepared to pay a substantial sum to play in the national stadium for one season.

Spurs only need Wembley for one season, the 2017-18 campaign, while their new £400million 61,000-capacity stadium, which will also host NFL matches, is built in time for the summer of 2018.

Chelsea may have to vacate Stamford Bridge for three seasons to carry out a £500million reconstruction plan, which they hope to start in 2017, and Wembley is also their preferred temporary home.

Tottenham are further along in their planning for a new stadium, having started work on the basement foundations and put the contract for the main construction out for tender with a company expected to be confirmed in January next year.

Chelsea have revealed pictures of what a new 60,000-capacity stadium could look like to local residents, but cannot yet commit to a date on when they would definitely need Wembley.

Despite the fact they are further along in the process, Spurs are aware a three-year agreement for Wembley with Chelsea could be more lucrative to the FA and that Abramovich may ultimately be willing to pay whatever it takes.

White Hart Lane officials believe the best solution to reach a fair compromise and ensure the price does not reach ridiculous levels would be to groundshare Wembley with Chelsea for one season.

According to the Telegraph, while Tottenham have spoken to the FA about Wembley, they have not opened any negotiations with Chelsea over the subject of a groundshare.

Should they miss out on Wembley, then Spurs may be forced into the unpopular move of relocating to Milton Keynes for a season.

Tottenham were this week encouraged by the fact FA chief executive Martin Glenn said that the organisation are willing to consider allowing Premier League clubs to play home matches at Wembley.

Speaking at the Soccerex event in Manchester, Glenn said: “We are the national stadium and seeking to use it more is what we are all about. We have an obligation to football.”



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