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Virgin Media to cap Premier League away tickets

Virgin Media have agreed a deal to subsidise tickets for Premier League away fans between 15th and 23rd April.

Virgin Media plan to back calls by supporter groups to put a maximum away price of £20 by subsiding every away ticket for matches in the Premier League between 15th and 23rd April.

The move is in partnership with the Football Supporters Trust (FST). The FST have led a national campaign to make reduce away ticket prices and make football more affordable for the average fan.

"The Football Supporters' Federation has a long-standing rally cry - 'Twenty's Plenty for Away Tickets'," said Kevin Miles, Chief Executive of FSF. "We're delighted that Virgin Media has helped make that a reality at many upcoming top-flight games."

"Away fans are at the heart of the game and their tickets need to be affordable. Without them, the atmosphere in grounds is reduced and their teams don't feel supported," added Brigitte Trafford of Virgin Media.

Premier League clubs recently signed a three year agreement to put a £30 cap on away tickets for all matches.


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