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Visit Rigby Taylor For an Interactive Experience!

Rigby Taylor will be launching a number of exciting new products at BTME, using touch-screen TV monitors to provide visitors with insightful on-stand presen­ta­tions.­  The newCold Start Boost-R fertiliser with added calcium for improved disease tolerance will be showcased alongside the company’s 2020 range of grass seeds.

In particular, Carbon4Grass envi­ron­men­tally responsible grass seeds will be highlighted, as well as the Germin-8T treatment that supports accelerated seed germination and maximum estab­lis­hment plus, with the addition of mycorrhizal fungi and Trichoderma Viride, optimised nutrition and stimulated disease tolerance.

Also on show will be the recently announced Autumn Green BiO, the new micro-granular fertiliser with a BiO pack and zeolite for enhanced plant health, improved disease resistance, rapid green-up and extended two-three months of colour. And visitors will be able to hear more about Rigby Taylor’s Project Pollin-8 programme that assists in reversing the decline of pollinating insects.

A cup of freshly made coffee will be available to all visitors to the stand, and Rigby Taylor personnel will be on hand to offer information and advice. 

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