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Welsh FA avoid clash with Fifa over poppy on kit

Only days after both England and Scotland officials defied Fifa by agreeing to wear Poppies on armbands at Friday's clash at Wembley, the Welsh FA took a totally different stance.

Having heard that Fifa has rejected a request from Wales to wear poppies on their shirts or on armbands in Saturday's World Cup qualifier against Serbia, the Football Association of Wales says Wales will wear black armbands instead. Welsh fans at Cardiff City Stadium will form a poppy mosaic before kick-off as well.

Wales manager Chris Coleman defended the FAW approach on the eve of facing Serbia

He said: "Of course we back the FA. There's a lot been said about it, the fact the game's live on TV tomorrow night, we're standing by the rule that Fifa put in place, we've been respectful of that and I back our decision.

"Remembrance Day is today (Friday), though, and that's when we'll be showing our respects in the right manner, as we always do.

"We're very respectful of Remembrance Day, we know the sacrifices that were made by the men and women who lost their lives for us.

"So we'll be showing our respect today in the right and proper manner."

Coleman was asked if some of the criticism aimed at the FAW stance was unfair.

He replied: "That's the way it's going to be. There will be certain people, unfortunately, using it as a vehicle to give their opinion.

"Whether or not they like us or not, maybe it's an excuse to have a little dig at us.

"I'm quite sure other people are using it for their own benefit - that's how it is, unfortunately, sadly.

"To say that we're not being respectful, given the measures we're going to today and tomorrow... the criticism will come but we don't listen to that, we'll ignore that."

Meanwhile England and Scotland can expect some sort of retribution from Fifa in the form of a fine or even points deducted.


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