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Landways - Preferred Supplier

The smarter, greener way to activate new stadium technology.

Landways designs, funds, installs and operates digital and power infrastructure that can support several, high-performance technology systems at once. Designed to future-proof venue technology requirements, clubs benefit from the flexibility to scale and add technology systems as needed. Activate high-speed fan Wi-Fi, crystal clear digital audio, digital and LED screens and real-time surveillance camera technology services (to name a few) with no upfront capital. Create unforgettable in-stadium fan experiences, enhance revenue streams, and improve ground operations and safety.

Landways technology is energy efficient and cost effective. If the site has power limitations we can help deliver exciting new matchday services without needing to upgrade the power connection.

Offering performance guarantees like no other; if Landways don't deliver, you don't pay. Want to know more? Contact Landways today.
Unit N301B, Vox Studios,
1-45 Durham Street,
SE11 5JH,
United Kingdom

AMS International Ltd

AMS House,
37 Shaw Heath,
SK3 8BD,
United Kingdom

RH Consulting

44 ,
Mount Ephraim,
Tunbridge Wells,
TN4 8AU,
United Kingdom